About Our Team & Philosophy

Our team at Cub Bee House come from a diverse background to reflect our community and to embed an acceptance of multiculturalism and diversity into our children as well as meeting our family’s cultural needs.

Our team of qualified and professional educators acknowledges that each child is unique with their own special abilities, interest and background which are important contributions to our community. Therefore, we are dedicated to:

  • providing a safe, happy, nurturing environment to create a sense of belonging and security

  • encouraging a close communicative relation between families

  • providing children with an individualised stimulating, creative and safe environment

  • enhancing a positive social atmosphere where the child will gain confidence to explore

  • providing children with an exciting, challenging, and age appropriate educational program with intentional teaching

  • encouraging children to become independent, curious, resourceful, caring and cooperative


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This website is designed to provide the community with a quick overview of Cub Bee House Early Learning Centre. Each child is unique, as are the families in our community. As such, we feel that the best way to decide whether or not Cub Bee House Early Learning Centre is right for you is to come in and spend some time with us on a one on one basis. So feel free to email or telephone us to organise a time that will suit you and our team. We look forward to meeting you and your family.